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Six Pack Abs Development Myths

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Six pack abs development isn’t easy! You have seen the gizmo’s and gadgets claiming to turn your stomach into sexy abs in no time. As I’m sure you know that isn’t the way to develop the sexy six pack abs. I’m going to go over some myths about weight loss and some tips that will help get you on the right track of six pack abs development.

Myth 1: Don’t Eat Carbohydrates

Atkins diet and South Beach (remember these?) made this common myth popular. You heard the claims, eat protein and avoid carbohydrates and lose weight! That didn’t last long did it? Still though people have his perception that carbohydrates are evil and should be avoided like a plague. Carbohydrates are needed in any balanced diet, but don’t overdo it. It is still important to eat carbohydrates, especially after a workout when your body needs to be recharged.

Myth 2: Bad Genetics – I’m destined for failure!

Wrong! This is the biggest myth out there. Just because your parents were fat doesn’t mean that you too will be fat. Genetics does play a small role in the metabolic rate of someone, but thats the extent in regards to genetics. The most important factor in determining your success in any weight lose system is the amount of calories you intake daily. This combined with your physical activity in a single day determines how your body will react to those calories that have been consumed. Most of the time the people that claim bad genetics were taught poor nutrition and need to learn how to eat properly. That’s the only real problem that ‘genetics’ play in someones life, so step up and learn how to eat properly.

Myth 3: Avoid Fat

Most people claim to avoid all fat, regardless of its type in a diet. I know what your thinking, eat fat?! Are you crazy? Hear me out for a second, the key to effective fat control is to cut down on the dangerous fats and increase the intake of good fat. Yes there is an actual difference between good and bad fat. Trans fat is BAD fat and should be avoided at all costs, this is the deadly killer of any diet. Good fats are polyunsaturated and Omega-3 which can be found in things like fish, olive oil, and avocados.

Myth 4: Skip Meals

This is a very big problem for people that want to lose weight. They assume that if you simply stop eating that they will obviously lose weight. Wrong, this is a very unhealthy solution to the problem. Don’t be lazy, it comes down to the physical activity level. Regular meals are crucial to maintain a healthy metabolism. During these meals eat things that are beneficial to you and your health. Such as salads, fruits, vegetables and nuts! Things that are healthy and needed in a balanced die. Instead of that ice cream at Coldstone why not have a slice of Watermelon. If you just can’t resist your sweet tooth check out things like Frozen yogurt as it is typically free of added sugar and fat!

Myth 5: Avoid White Foods

This is a very common myth, people associate white foods to unhealthy food. That actually isn’t the case and there are many foods that are white in color and that provide a very healthy alternative. Here are some ideas: pears, nuts, avacado’s, etc. It’s all about the nutrition found in the foods, not the color that they are.

Myth 6: Grapefruit Solution

How this even got started I have no idea, but some people associate the grapefruit with the ability to lose weight. Some even go as far as saying that the grapefruit provides a miracle enzyme which is associated with losing weight. Sounds like another diet fad prophecy if you ask me! Don’t fall for it either, there has been no proof regarding this so called claim and may just be a great marketing ploy. Grapefruits are rich in lycopene which is a great source of ingredients that can help provide nutrients and cancer preventive as well.


Written by tie5to

July 11, 2008 at 8:36 am